We get asked all the time what MGX stands for. We just smile and say, "Legend has it, no one knows."

However, if you ask us why you need an MGX Weddings Video, you'll geta much more informative answer. Remember if you will, your first kiss.

Can you recall the clothes you were wearing? How about the way your hair was styled? Whose eyes opened first....or was it in sync?

The truth is, sometimes you can get caught up in the moment. And when that happens, you tend to forget the details that make the moment truly special. Our services are provided in a classy, unobtrusive, yet modernly styled fashion. You choose what features you'd like by using our ice cream themed pricing format. In addition, you'll get a video you'll love with our satisfaction guarantee.

Let us be there on your wedding day, so when youdo get caught up in the moment, you'll still be able to see the smiles, hear the heartfelt toasts, be touched by the tears, and keep forever the kiss.

Thank you and happy wedding planning!

-Your friends at MGX Weddings!