What will a wedding video do for me?

Wedding videos capture memories in motion.  There really is no better medium for preserving memories.  And we'll argue that videos are great because our two cameras can see things that you miss in all the excitement.  So, whether you watch your video weeks after or decades later, your wedding will never be affected by time.  Also, at the weddings we shoot, we occasionally talk to couples who jumped onto wedding videos back when they were luxury items.  According to them, they are always moved by seeing familiar faces that have since changed with time.  And according to them, their favorite parts of their weddings have changed over time because the videos shed light on things they never noticed before.


Do I need videography even though I already have photography services?

Well, photography and videography bring different parts of your wedding memory.  Videos do certain things that still pictures don't.  For one, the emotions are brought out much more effectively because you see it in action.  The cutting of the cake, giving toasts, the bouquet and garter toss, and the kissing of the bride.  And for another, video brings all the sounds, the music, and the voices from your wedding.  Between the images, sounds, actions, and voices, video really brings you the full memory.


What makes you different from other video companies?

We've mentioned elsewhere that we like to edit our videos to suit your wedding vision and your personality.  We also pay special focus to our pricing.  We offer a strong yet well-priced basic and a myriad of other services you can add on.  To really supplement our pricing plan and our dedication to customizing, we also offer free, non-obligating personal meetings to work out what's best for you.


What's your availability?

That's not an easy one to answer online. But, there's no better way to find out than to call us!


What's your policy on destination weddings?

It's always fun to change the scenery.   We'll work out the details depending on the situation, but basically we simply require compensation for travel and housing.